Monday, July 25, 2016

Merrily We Weave Along...

If you say it looks more like window screen than anything else, that's okay. It does to me, too. I mean, you can see through it! Remember, it's rayon, so it will shrink and tighten and become more even quite a lot during wet finishing.

It's almost possible to make out that there's a pattern in there other then just plain weave, but only just barely. Of course, any picture I take is at the mercy of time-of-day lighting and the camera angle. We've got a sort-of-royal-blue warp (more like cerulean) and a dark forest green weft that is close in value to the warp. The structure is (my best guess) multishaft crackle on 20 shafts woven as lace, and you'll have to take my word for that until you can see it off tension, washed, and pressed.

It's gonna be iridescent, for sure. Faith is a good thing, right?

1 comment:

Laura Fry said...

I can see subtle shifts in colour. :). Will look forward to the finished cloth.