Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Sneak Preview

I somehow managed to get 4 scarves on the blue 20/2 rayon scarf warp woven, mended, and wet finished by yesterday evening. Today was the final submission deadline for the Central Coast Weavers 10th Annual Sale and Gallery Exhibit. (Please see yesterday's post for details about schedule and location.)

I knew as I wove that the scarves would be at least somewhat iridescent, but only wet finishing including a final hard press will tell the truth.

This is the 4th scarf on the warp:

Hmm. Yeah, that's iridescence. Blue in places that flash to dark gold when the cloth shifts in relation to the light and to the viewer.

This one is accompanied at the event by a red-on-blue, a purple-on-blue, and a green-on-blue version, each with a different treadling, but all with the same color shifting.

Still on the loom is enough warp for 2 more scarves, and yarn on the shelf that are dark green and orange-red. Now I need 2 more treadlings...

See you this weekend!


Laura Fry said...

Nice! Sometimes really hard to photograph. So it's great to see it show so well. :)

Peg Cherre said...

Beautiful scarf, and I agree with Laura...nice job capturing it in a photo! Wishing you lots of sales.

neki desu said...

just one word: spectacular!