Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

We plan to celebrate at an hour when somewhere, it is midnight on 31 December 2016. Most likely it will be East Coast time, not West Coast time...

The image for my year is this one, which was a snapshot taken of the screen of the surgeon's computer showing the new knee mid-last-week, just after the hardware was installed. I was there yesterday to have the staples removed (ouch) and to get his permission to attend some very low-key celebrations this evening.

Front view on the left, side view on the right. Look closely at the side view, and you can see the row of staples just to the left of the remains of the kneecap that was damaged while I was studying at Oberlin Conservatory.

Tomorrow, I'll see if the looms are still speaking to me after this absence, and will post my 1/1/2017 State of the Loom report. Stay tuned!


Teresa Ruch said...

glad to see you are up and about.

neki desu said...

happy new belated year!
ouch ouch. good to hear you can attend some distraction.
btw the xrays would make great weavings by dinging a bit w the colors