Monday, December 19, 2016

News for the New Year

I hope everyone has a happy time this holiday season! Me? I'll be getting acqainted with a new, improved right knee. I smashed up the original during my misspent youth, and the surgeon at the time said it would probably bother me later. Yes, it does, although the only breakage was the kneecap, not the long bones of upper or lower leg. Heaven knows what's going on in there after 50 years, but we're about to find out. Because I have a pacemaker installed, it is difficult to find a compatible MRI machine whose operator is willing to risk the liability associated with damage to my pacemaker, so all my current surgeon can see is x-ray imagery.

In any case, I will be out of touch for a few days this week. DH will post here after the surgery.

Happy New Year to us all!

(The photo, btw, was taken on the last evening of our recent European trip, in front of the best restaurant any of us had ever experienced: Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Fantastic!)


Sheila said...

Happy Holidays and may all go well with your new improved knee!

Janet said...

Happy Holidays to you and Mike! Best wishes for a speedy recovery with your new, improved knee!

Leena said...

Have a nice Christmas and best of luck with surgery and your new knee.

Cally said...

Good luck with the new knee! Isn't it amazing how we can be re-generated? I hope they give you one that is built for weaving.

Peg Cherre said...

Best wishes for a wonderful new year with a new knee!