Saturday, September 23, 2017

Back to the Towels

Now that the commision for my friend Becky is finished, I am back to weaving the tea towels that I was working on early in the summer. These are warped with Fox Fibre naturally colored 12/2 cotton, and woven with 16/2 natural cotton or 18/2 green Fox Fibre. The hems are woven in natural 24/2 cotton.

This is the current towel:

Since the pattern is nearly indecipherable in the photo, I'm including the draft, in which the twill reverses half-way through the 48 picks of the design.

The blue stripes in the warp are that color only in the draft, to make it easier for me to see the design where both warp and weft are the same color.

I'm not sure how many towels' worth of warp is still on the beam. Because I didn't keep track as I wove, and then took two holiday trips that managed to erase all memory, I can only guess. The current towel and possibly 2 more, but that's just a guess. Only the knots at the ends of the sectional bouts will tell the truth. Then the fun of seeing the colors intensify with an alkaline wash will follow the cutting-off ceremony.

My deadline is early November, when the items for the guild sale are due. More about the sale later!

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