Saturday, November 11, 2017

Up Next on the Dobby Loom

The stash closet contains lots of bins of fine wool in various color ranges. I also found a cone of fine wool + nylon boucle (once upon a time, available from Textura Trading under the name of Mousse.)

I chose all the cones of blue, various shades from medium to navy, and subdivided them into 18 separate cones. As I wound a warp for wraps, for each section I picked at random 2 groups of 3 cones. Some sections are darker (more navy) some are lighter (no navy), but I hope the colors will blend well in the cloth. The yarns are mostly in the 34/2 range, so well over 9000 yards per pound. The sett will be 30 epi, and with the boucle as weft, should make an open, somewhat sheer cloth.

Here in California, wool is a hard sell. The weather is "too warm," even though we have a hard freeze almost every winter... So to sell a wool shawl means weaving a featherweight cloth.

At the point I took the photo, I still had 2 sections to beam, so that's why the section guides are still in place.

In other news, over the next few days, I'll be posting items on my sales blog that didn't sell at the Central Coast Weavers event.

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Laura Fry said...

Pretty. A nice sheer cloth sounds lovely.