Sunday, January 07, 2018

Last of the Wool Boucle Shawls

The last piece on the warp is also a crepe. This one has floats no longer than 2 in the weft, and no longer than 3 in the warp. It's based on Oelsner #840. The original is a 10-shaft draft, but I pasted 4 copies of it into a 20x20 tieup space, then rotated, flipped, and wrapped the whole thing until it worked well with the selvedge threads.

I would post a picture of the draft, but the system drive on my desktop computer has died, and until DH fixes it, I can't get to the image. The repair job can't begin until a replacement drive arrives tomorrow, and will take a couple of days. The dead drive was brand new, and hadn't a chance for the backup server to create a backup before the disk died, so DH has to build it from scratch, all over again. Including applications.

Modern technology: ain't it wonderful....

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