Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Warp Painting Setup

The studio is difficult to keep at the temperature that is needed for painting on cotton with fiber-reactive dyes.  This is mostly because it has windows on all sides, and its heating system is not up to the task of keeping a room that is connected to the house only on a small part of one wall at the temperature required in February.

So I did all the prep work in the studio, and when all the dyes were mixed and all the other supplies at hand, I carried it all down to the kitchen. The center island in the kitchen is about 10.5 feet long, so I prepped it by laying down a matress pad and several towels, and covered the length of the counter with heavy-duty plastic sheeting. This was clamped to the counter and then covered with plastic wrap so I could roll up the painted warp bouts in the plastic wrap to cure. Then I covered the sheeting with a new layer of plastic wrap, ready to paint the next bout of warp yarn.

This is what it looked like with all the protective layers in place:

Then the fun began. Unfortunately, I became so engrossed in the task that I completely neglected to take any in-process photos. !@*(&^#$%)*&%!

Oh, well, once the dyes are set, the warp bouts are chained  to keep them from tangling, washed until no more unfixed dye is present, then dried, I promise to take a few pictures.

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Meg said...

I'd love to try this one day. Space is my problem, but where there is a will...