Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blanket #4

This one has a weft of pale grey, about the same hue and value as the center stripe in the warp.

 The design is another take on "tromp as writ," but shortened both top and bottom. What happened when I wove the previous blanket, was that by starting the design at the beginning I reached the required number of inches before I reached the end of the design; I was short by about 100 picks. So with this blanket, I chopped 50 picks off the top and 50 picks off the bottom of the weave pattern, hoping that this time the inches ending mark will match the design ending mark. It would be nice to have a symmetrical design.

Here's a closeup view, so you can see the design in more detail.

By dinner time, I was at pick 600, with only about 100 left. Tomorrow I can start on the last piece on the warp.

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