Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Tips for Using the Warping Valet

In a comment on the previous post, Stephanie asked a couple of very sensible questions, "Do you plan to run the warp down from the valet through the raddle? Maybe using the raddle upside-down?"

Yes, I plan to route the warp from valet through raddle to heddles. The raddle has a couple of strong velcro straps to hold the cap in place. Using the raddle upside-down is a terrific idea anyway - I'm a big fan of the "just in case" strategy.  It's no fun when the cap comes loose mid-process, allowing the warp threads to meander away from their assigned positions, so a big "Thank You!" to Stephanie for her suggestion.

Beaming the warp begins tomorrow (today was fully occupied with other responsibilities). I will report on this inaugural use of the valet. Can't wait!

In the meantime, if anybody has tips for using the valet, I would love to hear them. This is a new tool for me, and help from experienced users is always welcome.


Sheila said...

I use a raddle along with a trapeze on my AVL but my setup is a little different. My home made trapeze is directly above the back of the loom. My DH made a removable bar that goes across the back of the loom just above the sectional beam. I clamp the raddle to that, on its side. The warp goes over the trapeze, through the raddle - I use bungee cords to keep the warps in their sections - and then to the cord for each section.
The plastic jugs of water used as weights are hung from the warp inside the loom between the heddles and the back of the loom.
I hope this is some help as obviously yours is at a different angle.

Charlene said...

I have used a valet on my Schacht Floor loom. It was attached to the front of the loom. Used the raddle then thru the shafts (heddles spread to the sides, warp under breast beam, then up to the valet. Never had trouble with keeping cap on raddle.

Peg Cherre said...

My valet is a rod hanging from the ceiling, similar to Laura Fry's setup. The rod hangs in front of the front beam. Warp goes over the rod, under the front beam, over the castle, over the back beam. While spreading the warp, the raddle is on the back beam with teeth facing the ceiling. Once I'm ready to start winding the warp, I move the raddle so the teeth face away from the loom. I hold my raddle to the beam in these 2 positions using Irwin Quick Clamps - I simply shift the position as needed. Let me know if you want pix.

Janet said...

My warping trapeze is situated much like yours. Instead of jugs filled with sand or water, I use donut-shaped, 5-lb weights--less messy and take up less room to store. Although the amount of water or sand in the jugs can be changed to vary the weight, I haven't had a problem with using the weights.