Saturday, May 19, 2018

Next Project

The deadline for this one is rushing quickly toward me. The annual challenge for the Central Coast Weavers Guild is scheduled to be presented at the (also annual) guild picnic on June 9. The warp is for 4 or 5 pieces, but only the first one needs to be woven (and finished) before the picnic.

The warp is 50/2 silk hand-dyed in three shades of blue, and the wefts will be somewhat finer (60/2 or 120/2) silk in coordinating colors. The guild challenge was to use colors starting with "C" or "W" chosen from a prescribed list. We were to use 2 colors starting with "C" and one starting with "W" to mimic the guild nickname. So the darkest blue and the mid blue are "cobalt" and "cerulean," the lightest is "waterfall," and the wefts might be "wisteria," "wintergreen," or "wine" or maybe "copper," which is not coordinating but highly contrasting. Plus, there is some leeway in interpreting the color names. I think "wine" could easily be a pale yellow-beige similar to some white wines I know...

The arthritis in my hands is getting worse, so I suspect that rather than twist fringes, I'll decide to make infinity scarves or cowls. Why not let the sewing machine do the heavy lifting? It'll save yarn, too, not a bad thing considering it's hand-dyed silk.

Here's the beamed warp, followed by the lineup of cones:

When beaming from 6 cones, I make a 3x3 cross. Since the colors are easy to identify as I'm threading, the repeating order of "light, medium, dark" is easy to pick out without a cross separating the members of the triplet.

Stay tuned!


Laura Fry said...

Lovely. And I also love to let the tools do the heavy lifting, when ever possible... Sorry about the arthritis. :(

neki desu said...

Bummer about the arthritis.i get spasms during the winter.
Love the interpretation of wine color😁