Monday, June 04, 2018

Challenge Piece Three

This one is driving me crazy. The weft is a bright gold tramm silk that is even more prone to static electricity than plied silk. The weather is hot and dry, and the weft is clinging to everything within reach, even though I wound the pirn using a piece of fabric softener sheet to reduce static. Even a humidifier hasn't helped significantly.

Love the look, not the yarn!

I bought the tramm silk when Scalamandre went out of business; several resellers (who fortunately didn't know the true value of the silk) let it go on eBay for a low price, and I bought several weights and colors. It's difficult to wind onto cones - usually, toward the end of the skein it becomes so tangled that I have to sacrifice some length or lose my temper and patience altogether trying to coax it from umbrella swift to cone.

P.S.  The weather's been hot and dry: in the 80s-90s (F) with humidity in the 23-25% range.


Connie Rose said...

But it is smashing!

Dianne said...

Beautiful. I found silk less tangly if I used a verticle swift. I'm lucky I have one I can attach to my spinning wheel and can use the brake bands to control the unwind speed.

Peg Cherre said...

I have quite a bit of tramm silk myself. So gorgeous! So fine! So challenging to use!

neki desu said...

These series have left me speechless.

Sandra Rude said...

Neki, I've been enjoying it, too! Sometimes I really don't know what the cloth will look like, and it becomes an adventure. The camera doesn't always see things the way I do - sometimes it shows me aspects I hadn't noticed. That's why I love weaving - the unpredictability is exciting.