Monday, September 03, 2018

Here We Go Again

I've finished the first scarf on the fine wool warp, and begun the second. You wouldn't know just looking at them, but the weaves are quite different. Here's the drawdown for #1, a simple 4-end broken twill:

And the woven cloth, now winding onto the cloth beam at the back of the loom:

This is the drawdown for #2, a 16-shaft crepe:

And the woven cloth:

Of course, because the weft is a fine boucle, the loopy surface obscures any visual hint of actual structure. I'm tempted to weave the last of the series (four in total) in one of the smooth yarns that make up the warp, just to be able to see a pattern other than loops!

The saving grace is that the weaving goes rather quickly at 24-ish PPI. I have a few more crepes to choose among for the next scarf, so at least the computer screen will be more interesting to look at than plain weave or broken twill.......

1 comment:

neki rivera said...

Mad case of envy.i'm at 1.20 MTS and have about 3 more MTS to go.
The end is nowhere close.