Monday, October 22, 2018

Progress on Towel Warp

I apologize for remaining incommunicado for such a long time! The beaming of the towel warp took a long time, because of that mill mistake (see previous post), which I found very frustrating to overcome. I received several suggestions that sounded good but didn't work out as expected. In the end, by completely manual means, I managed to separate enough of the doubled yarn to finish beaming the warp.

Here it is, beamed:
And threaded:
Sleyed, and partly lashed onto the apron rod:
Next up (finally!) will be weaving, hopefully by this afternoon.

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Laura Fry said...

Good for you persisting until you got it done. :) I am hoping to finish that warp on the AVL, beamed way back in, oh, March? - today. Which means I need to actually get to the loom and do it!