Saturday, December 22, 2018

Number 2 on the Red Warp

The second piece is woven with the dark red weft. The value difference between the weft and the (only slightly) paler warp is so small that while I'm weaving, it's difficult to see the pattern. It's another variation on the multishaft crackle design.

The little point-and-shoot camera that I use to take blog images has a hard time with red in general, and saturated, solid red is almost impossible to capture accurately. So, holler if you can see the design, otherwise wait until the cloth comes off the loom and is wet-finished. At that point, I hope it will be more visible!

Not much weaving will happen over the next few days, so in the meantime, have a holiday filled with friends and family, peace and joy.

1 comment:

Laura Fry said...

There is a ghost of an image/design I can see. :) Sometimes on the loom is much harder than off and after wet finishing. But that red is glorious.