Sunday, February 10, 2019

Threaded and Sleyed


If you were to look at the shafts from above, you might wonder, "What kind of pattern is that, with such a broad gap?"

It's an interleaved threading, so the arrangement of the heddles is really strange-looking. Once the weaving begins, you'll see the actual pattern emerge. I hope it will make more sense then.


Janet said...

It looks like you some sort of knot/tie at the end of each group of threads. Why do you also have the binder clips?

Laura Fry said...

I am hoping to start threading my AVL soon - but first I have another warp to get done. It has a deadline on it...

Sandra Rude said...

Janet, the binder clips are only there temporarily to keep the slipknotted bouts of warp ends in tidy groups. When I begin the lashing-on process, the binder clips go away and each half-inch bout is carefully tensioned and tied in an overhand knot. The slippery lashing cord helps me get the tension even across the entire warp.