Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Towels: Finished

I chose a threading (parallel points in blue and aqua, and a limited range of weft colors. Then it was a game of "How many variations can I think of?"

As it happens, I wove two towels that were identical - same treadling, tieup, and weft color. So I'm keeping that one. Here are the others in the series:

Number 1 is a bread cloth or fingertip towel (I ran out of warp!).

Numbers 6 and 7 share the same tredling, but the tieup for 6 is a plaited twill, and 7 is a straight twill. The result is that 6 is a muted, obscured version of 7, but you can see the same shapes in both.


Laura Fry said...

ooooo - lovely!

Peg Cherre said...

I think 2, 7 & 8 are my personal favorites.

laixinjie said...

I think 8 are my personal favorites. custom iphone case