Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Water Scarf Woven

The last of the water scarves is woven, and the warp is cut off the loom. Now to twist all those fringes! Here's a shot of #5 as it looked under the loom, winding onto the cloth storage beam.

The weft on this one was the "storm blue" skein - a deep greyed teal. The treadling is a large networked pointy shape - similar but not identical to the design line threaded in light blue - and together they make an advancing diamond shape that is interrupted by the large networked curve that is threaded in dark blue.

Next up, more wood series scarves. You can look back a few posts to see photos of the warp and weft skeins dyed with wood dyes. I'm still tweaking the weave draft, so I'm not quite ready to start this series. However, I can get the warp beamed before finalizing the draft and beginning to thread.


Jackie said...

Oh my heavenly beauty! So stunning. Your water series really echos the movement of water.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Have you thought about the possibility of wall hangings? I think what you are doing deserves to be thought of in much the same way that tapestries are thought of. Scarves are fine and no reason they can't be art as well. But............