Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interleaved Threadings, and Mileage

In a comment on the previous post, Bernice said she was trying to interleave an advancing twill design, but with no success yet. If you would like to read the two articles I wrote for the Complex Weavers Journal, there are links to them here on my website, along with color versions of the illustrations (the Journal is published in black & white).

The first article is about designing parallel interleaved threadings, and the second is about non-parallel interleaved threadings. The articles outline the steps I go through (using WeaveIt weave software) to design the threadings. Hope they help!

This is gonna be a busy weekend. This morning is the weaving guild's annual potluck lunch and sale. I've boxed up a lot of yarn from my stash that I'd like to sell, and will hope some of it finds new homes! From there, I'll drive to Camarillo, about 3 hours south, to attend the official opening and artists' reception for the 3 fiber exhibits at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center. I'll try to take photos of the works that really stand out in the exhibits and post them here.

And on Monday, I'm driving to San Francisco to meet up with Anne Field, an old friend I haven't seen in a few years. We'll have dinner and talk weaving and catch up with each other's news. Anne is teaching a workshop at my former guild in the Bay Area; I'm not signed up for the workshop, but want to spend some time with Anne while she's in the area. Anne is the author of the recently published "Collapse Weave: Creating Three Dimensional Cloth" and many other titles covering weaving and spinning. She was kind enough to include photos of some of my collapse weaves in the book - Thanks, Anne!

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Laura Fry said...

Anne's book looks great and so do your things she included. :) Wish I'd had more time to visit with Anne at ANWG. Say hi for me.