Monday, November 09, 2009

Back from Santa Monica

Whew! It was a long weekend, very hard work. We drove to Santa Monica Thursday morning, set up the booth that afternoon, worked the show Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, tore down the booth after closing on Sunday, and drove home today (Monday).

But it was worth all the effort. I just finished running the numbers: sales were over 3 times more than at the same show last year. Part of that was booth location - last year we were in the very back of the hall, and fewer people found their way there; this year, we had asked for a location nearer the front of the hall. Ask and ye shall receive - we were given the a booth space right near the entrance. We got 'em both coming in and going out :)

Anyway, I feel much better about the state of the economy today.

Here are a couple of shots of the booth (we were outdoors, so we used a 10x10-foot popup canopy). First, the scarf side of the booth:

And then the wood side:

Sharing the space works out well, because the scarves and the wood have different display requirements - DH gets the tables, I get the walls.

This week, my main task is to finish the Pendleton selvedge rug so I can disassemble and sell the Glimakra, and make room for the Jacq3G. Even more to feel good about!

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