Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boyce Weaver's Knotter History

I just received a nice email from a member of the Boyce family, who in the process of some online research into the family history, and particularly the Boyce Weaver's Knotter, came upon my post about the knotter. Isn't Google amazing!

The inventor was Erskine Ebenezer Boyce (1895-1952), head of Boysell Co., a rug company, who later was associated with the A.B. Carter Co, which has manufactured the knotters since the 1920s. There's also a family connection with Erskine College, a Christian liberal arts college in Due West, South Carolina.

It's always fun to discover more of the history behind the tools we use. Thanks, Bill!

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neki desu said...

this is fantastic.nice glimpse into the industrial revolution history.