Friday, February 17, 2012


Not the perfume, the urge for perfection. It's a problem I have, and sometimes manage to combat. I'm sure you've had this conversation with yourself:

Sandra: "This piece has borders on all sides so it can be mounted on a stretcher frame or on mat board to be framed. The selvedges will never ever be seen, by anybody, so don't obsess over a perfect edge, just let it do what it wants to do. A little loop sticking out from the selvedge here or there is irrelevant."

Inner parent: "But you'll know it isn't perfect, so make it perfect for yourself."

Sandra: "It really doesn't matter."

Inner parent: "Well, if you're absolutely sure you want to make something that isn't perfect..."

Sandra: "Oh, be quiet. Pipe down. Shut up. Go away."

So, if you were to examine the selvedges on the just-woven jacquard piece, you'd see that I won the argument, not my inner parent. Victory is sweet!

On the other hand, if the selvedges were going to show, they'd be as perfect as I can manage. My theory is "Do what you have to do; more is probably a waste of time and effort."


Susan said...

Your inner voice and me are twins, separated at birth...

I have discussions with myself like that *all* the time.

As I un-weave something I mutter stuff about OCD being a pain in the ar$e!

:) Susan

Cate Rose said...

I really have lightened up a lot with myself in the last year ~ when I see something in my work that isn't perfect, I just move on now. I'm actually trying for a little more imperfection, so that what I do looks like it was made by a human!

Bonnie said...

Ah yes, I can relate. Check out my blog. I finally got your post up. The best is yet to come though, tomorrow.

neki desu said...

lost battle with the yardage i wove.
now i feel like a perfect idiot-pun- bcse all those beautiful selvedges are going to be cut off.