Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Next Project

The new activity involves not new cloth, but old cloth. When the AVL Jacq3G loom  was new, and I was a new jacquard weaver, a lot of smallish pieces came off the loom that were not successful as  wall hangings, mostly because I was still learning about color choices. The cloth was well-woven, without significant flaws, but nobody would consider it artwork.

Fast forward to this year, and that good-but-not-spectacular cloth has found its destiny: small zippered bags that could be used as knitting tool kit, clutch purse, cosmetic kit, whatever. And small mobile phone pouches - which are easier to fabricate because no zip is required.

Here are a few examples of what will be in the Central Coast Weavers guild's annual sale. I tried out several methods of installing the zips: hidden (lapped) zips, centered-but-mostly-hidden zips, and centered-fully-exposed zips.

The inspiration for all this is Alice Schlein , as is the case for a lot of the ideas percolating in my brain. A few years ago, Alice sent me a small zippered bag, which found its purpose in life as a knitting sundries kit. It was made from remnants of several of Alice's jacquard-woven designs. I figured that other fiber folks would find a similar bag of use, and I certainly have lots of jacquard cloth that fits the bill. So, here are a few samples:

The two red pics are the front and back of the same zip bag. The last is a mobile phone pouch with crossbody strap and an interior pocket for credit cards or ID.

There's only been time to make a few, and one has already sold, before the guild sale even started!


Peg Cherre said...

I love that red one! And the last two as well. The first isn't my fav, but it will be someone's.

Good idea!

Alice said...

These bags are terrific. Sometimes it is a shock to find that the second life of a piece is more successful than the first. But a beautiful object has an integrity of its own, no matter what the original intention plan was.