Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Fire Series Scarf Woven

The first Fire series scarf is woven. This one uses the violet weft (the second skein from the right in the photo posted a couple of days ago).

The highlights and shadows that were apparent in the weaving draft are not so evident here. I think that's at least partly because the warp skeins as dyed don't have exactly the relative values of the colors I selected in the weaving draft. (Just goes to show that although the computer does a pretty good job of letting me visualize the woven cloth, it can't make my dye-pots cooperate!) But the pattern does have a lot of depth, even so, although you might not be able to see it clearly in the very bright lighting of this photo.

The next scarf in the series will use the brick red weft (the leftmost in the photo of weft skeins).


Laritza said...

Your weaving is amazingly lovely! Cooperation between PC and pots or not it came out beautiful. Congratulations!

Bonnie said...

Virtual weaving is never the same as actual weaving:)

I think some of the other wefts will show off the pattern more.

The weaving makes my mouth water--totally delicious!