Monday, May 28, 2007

Other Blogs I Read and Recommend

I think every blogger reads the blogs of other artists, sometimes in the same field, sometimes not. To keep this in the range of fiber-related work, here are just a few of the fiberholic blogs I enjoy reading:

Bonnie Tarses, who has developed some wonderful ways of working with color

Karren Brito, whose incredible shibori amazes and awes me

Karen Madigan, an Australian weaver/dyer

Neki Rivera, a fiber artist in Barcelona

Abby Franquemont, dyer, spinner, knitter, weaver, storyteller. If you're a spinner, you want - no, need - some of her hand-dyed fiber; if you're a knitter who doesn't spin, go for the gorgeous handspun yarn!

Meantime, weaving on the fire series progresses. More pictures later.


Kaz [curiousweaver] said...

Thanks Sandra for your encouragement by reading my blog.I'm also enjoying seeing all your work developing and learning weaving tips along the way!

neki desu said...

Thanks for the link.Made my day after a horrid Japanese test.



kathy looper said...

Dear Sandra: Your blog is my favorite! I read each report over and over, play with the possibilities that I, too, might someday weave something as beautiful as your wood grain scarves. Your tensioning tip has also been deeply appreciated. Thank you, Kathy L.