Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Thing of Beauty (NOT)

So there I am, weaving along about half-way through the last scarf in a 5-scarf run. I notice that there's a little loop of weft thread sticking out on the right-hand selvedge. Oops. So I reverse the dobby so that I can unweave enough picks to get back to the offending loop. The back beam unwinds with a thunk. The thunk is sharp enough to break all the apron cords that tie the warp bouts onto the sectional beam. All the *!%#@*! cords at once. Damn. The warp sprang forward about an inch and just hung there, quivering.

So after I finished swearing at it, I cogitated what to do to hold the warp in place long enough to weave off the rest of it. I find a dowel, several yards of strong slippery cord, some soup cans for weights (fortunately, DH made a Costco run recently so there's a couple of cases of soup in the pantry) along with a supply of patience.

Here's the resulting attempt to resolve the mess:

It's kinda like lashing onto the front apron, but onto the weighted dowel instead. The dowel is hanging off the AVL raddle, which is a permanent appendage on the back of the loom. (If it didn't live there, I'd have to find a place to put it away, which is impractical.) When I've woven a foot or so, I'll remove the raddle and just let the whole assembly hang off the back beam.

So please say a prayer to the weaving goddess to help it hold together long enough for me to finish the scarf. This is the one with the bloodwood-dyed weft, and I am loath to trash it.


Abby Franquemont said...

All kinds of "Hold to the bitter end!" thoughts going your way. Why is it these things always happen towards the end of a project about which one really cares, and never on the stuff one wouldn't mind throwing away?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I wonder how many cans of 'Chicken soup' you have in those bags?!! As we all know 'chicken soup' is the best remedy for broken warp threads! LOL!
Shirley Treasure