Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wood Scarf Four

The fourth scarf in the series is woven. Here's what it looks like on the loom:

The weft for this scarf is the logwood grey skein. See Playing with Sawdust in an earlier post for pictures of the warp and weft skeins and information about the various wood products I used to dye them.

I've started weaving the fifth in the series. I don't cut the scarves off the loom until they're all woven. It wastes too much yarn to cut off after each piece, then re-tie the warp. When you're using hand-dyed yarn, you don't want to waste a single inch!

Once the cloth is cut off the loom, then I twist the fringe, launder and press, and finally photograph the scarves draped on a mannequin.

This series probably won't be completed in time for the Art on the Court show this coming weekend but definitely will be ready for the Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica in June. Any still left in stock at that time will be in the booth at the American Craft Council show in San Francisco in August. (See my website for locations, dates, and times.)

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Laritza said...

They are lovely!
I went out to DH's shop and got a bunch of cedar chips, they are soaking. Your fault!