Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Fire Series Scarf Woven

I'm back from the show in Santa Monica, and have dutifully finished all my paperwork and accounting, so today I got back to the loom to weave off the fifth scarf in the Fire series. They've all been cut off the loom now, and what really surprised me in the process was the degree of iridescence in the cloth, especially the ones in which the weft is violet or blue-violet. In certain lights, the weft color just blasts out at you, and in others, you see mostly the warp colors.

When I get the fringes finished, and have laundered and pressed the scarves, I'll be due (well, way past due) to get the photo setup out and take formal pictures of these and the woodgrain scarves. That is, posed on the mannequin, not just scans or snapshots.

In the meantime, here's another shot of #4, taken at an extreme angle. You can see the places where orange warp and orange weft are predominant on the surface, those areas really glow brighter than the areas where colors are more blended.

And here's #5.

Next project up: another run of triple-layer scarves, this time in burgundy, charcoal, and white. But first, I really have to get busy finishing fringes - there's a stack of scarves in the workroom just waiting to be finished, and I'll need all the inventory I can muster for the ACC San Francisco show in August.


Jackie said...

Beautiful! I am amazed at the complexity of your scarves!

Is that a temple shown on the edges of scarf # 5? If so, can I learn more? It looks very different from the temples that I am used to seeing. Do you use one all of the time (if indeed it is a temple)?

Jolly Clamps said...

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