Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Multilayer Scarves in the Wash

What's that in my washing machine, you may well ask. Cranberry juice?

Naah, that's the burgundy, grey, and white multilayer scarves, in their first trip through the gentle wash cycle in the machine.

I'd heard that the red yarns from Jaggerspun sometimes bleed, and it's certainly true of this shade of the wool/silk blend called Zephyr. The scarves may turn out to be burgundy, grey, and pink - I won't know until they're rinsed, spun out, and pressed dry. Doesn't really make a lot of difference, so long as the pink went on evenly.

I didn't notice any back-staining with the two shades of teal I worked with a while back, the white yarn (the same mohair/wool blend as I used in the burgundy version) is still white after wet finishing.

Oh, well.

In the meantime, I'm still threading the interleaved warp for the color-change shawls. However, that will have to go on hold for a couple of days, because the deadline for applications to the 2008 ACC shows is coming up next week, and I've got to get going on photographs to submit for jurying.

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