Friday, July 20, 2007

Next Up: Wool Color-Change Shawls

Okay, so I finally had to force myself to stop dithering over how to use the wonderful color-change weft yarns, and just make a decision.

Here are the balls of weft yarn (Graceful, from the Yarn Place in Sunnyvale). If you go to their website, the current home page has a picture of a knitted lace shrug using the same yarn in a different colorway.

Each 100-gm ball has approximately 1806 yards, which works out to about 8228 yards per pound, very similar to 30/2 worsted-count wool. You can see the very gradual color changes in the balls. What's going to be fun is winding each ball off onto multiple pirns and then keeping each set of pirns in the right order so I don't mess up the color transitions! Hmmm. Let's see. First wound, last woven? No, vice versa... or not... Yikes!

The design decision went in favor of an interleaved threading, using merino yarns of about the same grist as the weft, with blue and green interleaved thread by thread. Here are the warp cones:

The blue is 28/2 and the green is 32/2, so they're pretty close to the weft in size. Can't wait to see how the cloth looks woven!

Patience is called for, though, because I'm only about half-way through beaming the warp, and then the threading will take about a day. (Even using the "treadle your threading" method, it's slow going with a complex threading and over 800 ends.)


Leigh said...

I can never resist these multi-color / painted / variegated types yarns. I'll be curious as to what you do with them.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the scarves.