Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fire Series Scarves Photographed

After a couple of days of burning my way through rolls of slide film, I've got my application photos digitized and sent off to the ACC application web site. Of course, I won't be notified of acceptance or rejection until next Spring, probably March, so until then I just have to hold the dates open just in case. (August 15-17, 2008, btw...)

Thank heavens for the local film processor who can turn around slides in mere hours, instead of the usual 2-week delay at most commercial film processing places. I should give them a plug, because they've come to my rescue any number of times. If you're in the Silicon Valley area and need photo processing done quickly and well, visit Foto Express on 7th Street at Santa Clara Avenue, just north of the San Jose State University campus. The address is 304 Santa Clara, but the entrance is around the corner on 7th. Great customer service, excellent quality!

Among the pieces I photographed were the first two of the fire series to be finished. Here they are:

These are 60/2 silk warp, 100/2 weft, with a lovely soft hand and great drape. Unfortunately, the photos don't capture the degree of iridescence in the cloth.

As time permits, I'll post the wood series pictures. They came out very nicely, and for some reason the iridescence shows in those photos.

But first, I need to submit jury slides for the KPFA Music & Craft Fair in San Francisco in December, and have a few other application deadlines coming up.

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Bonnie said...

Sandra, These are totally amazing! The idea of doing production handweaving in 60/2 and 100/2 silk boggles the mind.