Friday, August 03, 2007

Wood Series Photos

Here's the set of photos I took of the wood series scarves. To recap this project, the warp is an interleaved threading, with alternating threades dyed in walnut (mid brown on 100% tencel) and madrone bark (warm beige on a silk/tencel blend). Each of the scarves is woven with a different weft (also dyed with wood-derived dyes) using a different treadling. The intent was to use wood-based yarns and dyes, and design patterns that evoke woodgrain.

The first has a weft dyed with eucalyptus leaves, followed by koa chips, bloodwood chips, mulberry chips mixed with quebracho red extract, and logwood extract.

The eucalyptus and logwood scarves really show the iridescence of the cloth. As you turn the cloth in relation to the light source, one of the warp colors stands out more, then the other, so the two patterns come and go depending on the angle of the light.

I'm thrilled with the way the scarves turned out, and the photos too.

It's almost walnut season again here in California, so I'm staking out the nearby trees I can rob of nuts before the squirrels get 'em all. This time, I'll dye the yarn with a fresh dyepot and will hope it's less smelly than the last time, when I used walnut hulls that had been soaking at least 6 months. Believe me, that dyebath was alive!

Then I have to get DH to find some more exotic wood to work with. Not a difficult task as he's an avid woodturner.

P.S. To see the project from the dyepot to the loom, go back to the April, 2007, archive...


Laritza said...

Oh they are beautiful!

jackie said...

Those scarves are so beautiful. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! What a cool idea, to use a theme "wood" and design all facets of the series around that. I'm a huge "brown" fan and these just send me. :>