Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Multicolor Shawls

The first shawl in the run is woven. The color sequences are definitely not regular, as you can see in this shot under the loom, where the cloth is winding onto the cloth storage beam at the back of the loom. Some are wide, some narrower; some transitions are very gradual, others are less so. (BTW, the white thread stitched into the lower right corner of the cloth marks a place where the weft left a float that will need to be mended after the cloth is cut from the loom.)

At this point, I've wound all the pirns for shawl #2. Here's how they look all lined up in order.

The shawl will progress from the pointed end of #1 to the blunt end of #1, and so on until it ends at the blunt end of #5. For some reason, it took 5 pirns to wind on the entire length of this ball of yarn. Either it was a slightly bigger ball, or I packed less yarn on each pirn. No matter how I try to be consistent, there are always variations. I won't know for sure until the weaving reaches the end of the measuring tape.

Just for the record, the last pirn of shawl #1 had about 2 yards of yarn left on it when the measuring tape said to stop. Just enough to weave 4 picks of plain weave and call it quits.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

I will save your tip of using a white thread to mark a needed repair. Of course there are always those I don't see until I examine the weaving off the loom!