Sunday, August 19, 2007

Multicolor Shawls Chugging Along

Here's another look at shawl #2 in the group, a close-up this time. The color changes are pretty dramatic in this one! I like the way the weave pattern makes the colors come and go, so they're not constant across the width of the cloth. Makes it more interesting. The warp runs from right to left in this shot, and the weft from top to bottom of the picture.

The yarns for shawl #1 and shawl #2 were spun and plied in such a way that both plies are doing the color sequence at the same time. Very few places have the barber-pole effect created when the plies are doing different things colorwise.

However, the weft yarn for shawl #3 is a tweed yarn - total barber-pole. Each ply is a different colorway, changing color sequence at its own rate. The result is a much more muted color sequence and subtler impact on the woven pattern. Here's a look at the pirn in the shuttle. If you click on the picture to see the larger version, you can easily see the difference in the plies.

And here's a larger view of the cloth. The design is more evocative of a pond than of ripples in a stream or river, as in shawls 1 and 2.

Again, the warp runs from right to left, and the weft from top to bottom of the photo.

I've only got a few more inches to weave, and my mind is already leaping ahead to what's going to be next on the loom. Several possibilities lurking, but no decisions yet. Stay tuned.


Laritza said...

It is beautiful work as always. I just realized that you have an antique end feed shuttle. From the picture I gather it is one of those really heavy ones. Do you use it as a regular shuttle? How does it work? I have one but I am afraid to use it......I believe it can easily turn into a weapon!

Beryl said...

Hmmm. This gets me thinking about spinning fine wool singles with a color gradation. I do love the effect you are getting with this yarn.