Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Holiday in the Mountains

We've had our holiday in the mountains. Here's a shot of the view from the dock. The cabin is up the hill behind me. The mountains way off on the far side are the Swan Range, which comprise the western border of a string of wilderness areas that extend south from the border of Glacier Park (the Great Bear, Bob Marshall, and Scapegoat wilderness areas).

As you can see, we have all the amenities: a rowboat to go fishing in, and a satellite dish so we can watch cable TV (no local stations are available in this mountainous region). Plus an outhouse, although there is running water in the cabin but only for washing up and showers - no toilet with plumbing.

And I did catch fish. No record breakers, but here's a respectable 13-inch trout. The summer has been very hot (lots of days in the 90s which is unusual here) so the lake water is still warm, and the big guys won't come up to the surface until probably October or later. Only the smaller, younger, and less savvy fish took the lure.

And to keep this fiber-related, I did get some spinning done too. My trusty Ashford Joy came along for the ride, and I spun up a couple of bobbins-worth of fine grey alpaca worsted singles, which is destined to get plied with some multicolor mohair singles I spun the last time I was at the cabin, and to become the effect yarn in a future turned cannele project, where the effect yarns float over a ground of plain weave or twill, and are bent from the straight-and-narrow path of normal warp threads so they form curves and angles. More on this later, when I get a weaving draft prepared.

At the moment, we're in Oregon on our way back to California. The motel has free high-speed wireless Internet - hooray! The dial-up speed from the cabin was so slow I didn't even try to update the blog from there.

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