Friday, August 24, 2007

Multicolor Shawls Finished in woven, cut off the loom, mended (there were some floats to needle-weave away), washed, and pressed. Finished size about 19 inches by 80 inches, plus short un-plied fringe.

Here's a quick shot of shawl #2, the most colorful of the lot. The finished cloth is unbelievably soft and silky to the touch. Both warp yarns are merino, the weft is un-breed-specified wool, but at least as soft as the merino.

We're off for two weeks of holiday at a tiny cabin on a pocket-hanky-sized lake just south of Glacier Park in Montana. "Just South" if you count in Forest Service miles; in U.S. standard measurement it's about 85 miles. There's an old family joke about Forest Service miles: When you see a USFS sign that says how long the trail to Whatever Falls is, take the USFS mileage and multiply by at least two to get U.S. standard miles. When we were kids, and started to whine when we'd hiked way farther than our internal mileage counter said it should be, Mother would ask "Were you counting in Forest Service miles or regular miles?" She grew up hiking all over Montana, and back then, her legs were a lot longer than mine :) Nowadays, she's 5 ft 3 inches short, and I'm almost 6 ft. tall. I still whine about Forest Service miles, though...

I'm bringing a spinning wheel and some fiber, plus a couple of good books, and plan to divide my time between spinning, reading, and fishing. The lake is stocked with cut-throat trout every couple of years, and late summer is prime time for trout.

The blog will be on hiatus until I'm back, unless I manage to catch a record fish and can post a picture (with tape measure!) online. It'll have to top 18.5 inches, my current record - lake trout tend to get pretty big when there's nothing for them to do but swim in a lazy circle around the lake. It's a glacial sink lake, without any real inlet or outlet, so they can't go anywhere except into my net. Every year, there are fewer people fishing the lake, so the big guys are mine! We'll be eating well, and healthy!


Laritza said...

As always lovely!

Valerie said...

Beautiful! It's been fun to see the progress and "hear you think out loud" as the weaving progressed.

jackie said...

YOur shawls are a thing of beauty!

danita said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Thank you for spinning on your mt vacation as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work.