Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Weaving Water

I've now had time to weave 700 picks of the first scarf of the water series. The two warps are light blue and deep blue, both in 50/2 silk; the weft is 100/2 silk in greyed teal. Here's a shot of the woven cloth on the loom:

After wet-finishing the two patterns become more equalized, and it's easier to see the two different design lines in the threading.

While I was weaving this, the weft skeins for the next project have been maturing on the patio. The skein that was in a purpleheart dyebath has now been modified with a .5% iron bath, which turned the pale lavendar-grey silk into a nice neutral mid-value grey. Much better for my purposes.

The skein that had been dyed to a mottled grey-green with purple streaks has now been put into a pot containing the remnants of all the various brown dyes I used this afternoon. The browns should be able to cover the uneven dye and make it a grey-green-brown I can live with.

So I'm happy. The colors are happy. All is well. More pictures tomorrow.

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Laritza said...

Very pretty!