Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wood-Dyed Skeins

The wood-dyed skeins have been drying on hangers on a very breezy, sunny patio, and are ready to pose for the camera.

From left:

1. Walnut (chips and shavings this time, not nut hulls). The dyebath was only heated briefly before straining out the chips, then left at patio temperature all day. I think if I had heated the dyebath longer, it might have gotten darker. I really like the warm brown - it's a very different color from what I've gotten from nut hulls.

2. Koa (chips and shavings). Again, the dyebath was only heated briefly before straining, but the color is certainly strong enough without heat!

3. Bloodwood (chips and shavings) also unheated. I must not have stirred the bath enough, because the skein is a little streaky, but not enough to warrant overdyeing. After all, the finished cloth is meant to look like woodgrain, so a little variation in hue and depth of shade is natural, right?

4. Purpleheart (chips and shavings) that started light lavender-grey and got an iron afterbath to darken it. Nice rich grey, with a tiny bit of lavender overtone.

5. Purpleheart, also chips and shavings, which with heat turned the skein to mottled grey-green with purple streaks. I overdyed it in the leftover liquid from 1, 2, & 3. Now a nice brown with faint green overtone.

Including the screaming gold from the black locust dyebath (see a few posts back), I've now got 6 scarf wefts. One of 'em will have to sit out this dance - I've only got 5 scarves' worth of warp!

But first, I've got more water to weave before I can start on the wood series. Back to the loom.


Bonnie said...

Just beautiful! They make my mouth water.

Stef said...

These are gorgeous! Usually your work inspires me to weave, but now I'm also getting inspired to try the natural dye kit I received for my birthday last year.

I can't wait to see your finished results!

Gertieanne said...

I just love the colors, vibrant. You have the magic touch when it comes to dyeing.