Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bookmarks, Posing for the Camera

They're finally finished, as in washed and pressed. They posed for the camera last night, and today they're going into their little cellophane envelopes with labels.

Speaking of envelopes, note to self: Next time, measure the envelopes before planning the size of the bookmarks! The envelopes are 8.25 inches long (plus a little sticky flap that is supposed to fold over and seal), and the bookmarks are about the same, so the flap can't fold over. Obviously, there was a reason I wove 6.5-inch bookmarks last year.

As for the next project, I'm still fiddling with drafts, and haven't made any decisions. It could be more in the Fire series, but I have an idea for a bark-like design that would fit into the Wood series nicely. Or maybe more feathers - a customer (well, a potential customer) asked if I could do a feather design in very fine wool. I've got buttery soft 40/2 merino from the UK in a range of colors that would make lovely feathers, a sort of mallard colorway. Those would be faster to do because with the merino wool, it isn't necessary to take the time to make a twisted fringe. The wool fulls enough to stick together at the fell with no need for twisted fringe.

Decisions, decisions!


Marlene said...

Lovely bookmarks! It looks like you had a lot of fun weaving them also.


Angie said...

Those bookmarks are so incredibly detailed! How did you finish the edges? I'm always curious - I feel like there's limited choices for finishing weaving.