Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bookmarks Off the Loom

I finally finished the last of the bookmark warp. By the end of the last bookmark, the apron rod was nudging the rearmost shaft, so it really was the bitter end. On a warp just slightly less than 6 yards, I got 18 bookmarks. Some patterns had slightly shorter or longer repeats, so while the average length was about 8 inches (plus an inch or so of fringe allowance at each end) some varied from that figure.

Here are a few more in-progress photos:

Today's task is to machine stitch across the plain-weave shots at the ends of each bookmark, cut the warp into several groups to reduce tangling in the washing machine, and then wash and press and cut them apart.

Last year, I bought a lot of cellophane envelopes just the right size for bookmarks, and I have a template on the computer for a paper insert with logo and brief description for the envelopes. That means it'll be a quick task to package these guys up for the next show. After taking a group portrait, of course!

Then, to figure out what goes on the loom next...


Leigh said...

Beautiful! Those ought to get snapped up in a hurry (I know I'd want one!)

textillian said...

All of the bookmarks (and scarves) look beautiful. The colors, the pattern, everything. And now I am envious, as I "only" have 8 shafts.