Friday, November 23, 2007

Playing with Bookmark Drafts

As I work my way through this run of bookmarks, I want to make each one unique. Even with a limited number of drafts, it's possible to make tiny changes that have dramatic impact on the woven design. I'm working with parallel points in the threading, combined with a number of liftplans I downloaded from If I use my weaving software to wrap a draft some number of shafts, I can end up with what looks like a totally different design.

For example, here's the draft based on 34686, with my threading in place of the original downloaded threading, and a basket-weave selvedge added to the liftplan.

Now, if I select just the pattern shafts of the liftplan (the leftmost 20 columns) and wrap them a few shafts at a time, I can get the following results:

Now, some of these aren't terribly different from the original, but some are different enough to look like a fairly distant cousin. If I change the color of the weft from red-violet to pale lavender (or some other hue) when weaving the cousin, it really looks different. Lots of visual impact for a minor amount of extra labor!

I'm fundamentally a lazy person. Lots of gain for little work, I like!

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