Thursday, January 10, 2008

Visitors Welcome!

I'd like to say a quick "welcome aboard" to all the folks who visit the blog. The statistics collection service I use ( gives me some interesting facts about visitors, including where they come from. A recent screenshot of the Country of Origin report shows this list:

I think that this is the first time I've had readers from Romania and Iran. The reader in Iran arrived here via the Natural Dye list on Yahoo. Welcome!

After my last post bemoaning the fact that I can't bring my knitting to entertain myself while on jury duty, I got several great suggestions from readers for alternative fiberish activities. Tatting (thanks, Laritza!) is something I should learn to do. I have some absolutely wonderful Christmas ornaments that are tatted lace snowflakes made by one of my favorite aunts. She's had to give up tatting (at the age of 89, her eyesight isn't what it used to be), and somebody has to keep up the tradition, right? The snowflakes packed away deep in the attic, or I'd post a couple of pictures - they're just stunning.

Jen asked if crochet hooks were also outlawed, and the instructions don't mention them. I'm sure a plastic crochet hook would get through a security scan easily (as would plastic knitting needles). However, I suspect the security guards don't know knitting from crochet and if they saw me crocheting, would assume it was forbidden and confiscate the tools.

In any case, jury duty isn't until next month, so I've got plenty of time to get a nonlethal project ready. In the meantime, I've managed to finish threading the newest warp, and am ready to sley the reed and tie onto the apron.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts. I,too have texsolv heddles on two of my looms but have never seen "color coded" ones. Do tell me/us about them!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Barbara's comment - please tell us about the color coded heddles! I've never seen this, and as I am a fairly novice weaver I am thinking this will be a great way to keep the threading straight.

I also enjoy your posts!

Laritza said...

There you go! You can learn to tat in a couple of days in a month you will be an expert!

Leigh said...

I've read about color coding texsolv heddles on WeaveTech, but have never actually seen it. I absolutely have to do this! It would save me a lot of confusion, especially when I'm trying to evaluate and adjust my shed. What did you use for color?????

And speaking of knitting needles being a security risk; I think this is silly, especially if they are something like bamboo sock needles. A sturdy sharp pencil would be much deadlier! *sigh* (I agree with Laritza about the tatting.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stat counter! I have been wondering how to gather the data and Presto! you had it. I too have jury duty and have been wondering how to keep productive, but I have not seen rules....yet.