Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Studio-To-Be

Here's what the studio looks like now. Total chaos! AVL parts mixed in with Glimakra parts, boxes stacked head-high, and hardly room to turn around in.

Looking to the southwest corner of the space. There are 3 windows on the south wall, a big walk-in closet in the far corner, and a small closet containing a stacked washer and dryer to the right of the big closet.

This view is to the west wall. The door you see is the laundry closet. The door to the right is a bathroom, recognizable in this picture only by the round mirror that shows through the doorway. Farther to the right, out of sight, is a door leading to a balcony and exterior stairs down to an enclosed patio at ground level.

Ant this is the kitchenette (aka miniature dye studio), which has a stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator (pulled out from the wall so it could be disconnected from power) and about 3 square feet of counter space. Plus room for my sewing table against the wall opposite the appliances.

Now that much of the rest of the house is unpacked and organized, it's time to start moving contents of boxes into the closet for storage. The bathtub may also become storage space. Then perhaps if we're lucky, there will be room to reassemble looms!



Even through the boxes and weaving loom parts, that going to be a really nice studio, seem you have everything you will need once your set up.

jackie said...

How wonderful to be in a new space, even if it isn't ready yet!