Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fire and Sparks

The third scarf in the Fire Series is going to be lovely. I hope the metallic effect, although subtle, is still apparent after wet finishing.

It's amazing to see that from the side, the metallic sparklies don't show at all:

However, at just the right angle, the effect is apparent.

In this extreme closeup, if you click on the image to display the larger version, you can see each weft thread. Only the spots where you see a round dot of light will sparkle; the rest is just dark brown. I think the flash makes the whole weft look metalic, even though only sporadic sparkles appear in normal lighting.

The warp is 60/2 silk, sett at 72 epi. The best way to arrange that in a reed is 6 ends per dent in a 12-dent reed. Because it isn't a terribly fine reed, the metal teeth between openings is pretty thick, and at high resolution the reed marks really show up. However, from past experience, a good thorough laundering will allow the threads to ooze into place, and the reed marks will just disappear. Here's hoping!

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