Monday, June 23, 2008

A New Experience

The weft for Fire Series scarf #3 is a new experience for me. I never weave with metallic yarns. Since I want the maximum softness and smoothness next to the skin, the thought of (even slightly) scratchy metallics turns me away.

This yarn, from Giovanna Imperia, is 100% viscose, and is mostly dark brown with tiny sparkles of a rust red. You can see a shot of the spool a couple of posts back. I've woven about half the scarf so far, and my impression is that it will hardly be apparent as metallic, it's so subtle. And it has only a little bit more crispness than the silk warp. Of course, only wet finishing and a good press will tell.

Here's a look at the warp after I'd woven about 100 picks.

From the side of the loom, you can't see sparkles, just pattern, and then only the "hills" part of the pattern - not the "trees."

However, from straight on, looking in the warp-wise direction, the sparkles show up but only just. It would be easy to think it was just a figment of the camera's imagination. Also, from this direction, I can see the trees although I'm not sure this shot captures them.

All of the finishing will have to wait for a while. This past weekend was fully booked with this and that event, and I leave on Wednesday 6/25 from Los Angeles to fly to Tampa for Convergence, followed by Complex Weavers in St. Petersburg. So the blog will be mostly on hiatus for a couple of weeks, unless I can (A) figure out how to get Blogger to publish posts after their creation date (I know it's possible, just haven't tried it) or (B) find a computer in Florida I can use to post from Convergence. We'll see...

In the meantime, happy weaving, and remember to check in every now and then!

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