Friday, September 05, 2008

Alkanet-Dyed Skeins

They're out of the dyepot, after spending the whole night steeping, and now are rinsed and dried. Although the remains of the dyepot was still very dark, very little of the colorant in it seemed inclined to bond to the fiber.

They're all riffs on a grey/brown/purple theme. From top to bottom: copper mordant, tin mordant, alum mordant. The streakiness I whined about yesterday has almost entirely disappeared, thank heavens!

These are all beautiful, subtle, not-quite-neutral colors, just not as dark as I'd like. However, in my work, I often need neutrals to play up more intense colors, so these will definitely find homes.

Next time I try alkanet, it'll be at a much higher dye-to-goods ratio!


Connie Rose said...

Subtle and beautiful, Sandra! Say, I didn't realize you were in the Bay Area! I used to live in The City before moving to Humboldt County. Small world!

sweetgeorgia said...

gorgeous skeins Sandra!

Valerie said...

on my monitor, they look sort of mauve. they will surely help some other colors pop!

Anonymous said...

Do you have enough to try a quick rinse in ammonia?