Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weaving on a Jacquard Loom at Convergence

In June, I had another opportunity to weave on the new AVL Jacq3G loom. I signed up for a weaving time-slot beforehand, and prepared a weaveable file before leaving for Florida.

I started with a photo taken by my sister of some dogwood trees in Missouri. I love the contrast between the horizontal drifts of blossoms and the strong verticals and diagonals of the tree trunks behind them.

Then, in Photoshop, I used a variety of filters to reduce the amount of detail in the image.

Next, I indexed the image to 7 colors (so I could substitute one of the 7 shades of 8-end satin for each color), then cropped the image to the width in pixels that would match number of jacquard hooks the loom would have, and a height that I thought I'd have time to weave in my allocated time-slot.

Here's the image, woven, washed, and pressed:

There were a few warp threads that misbehaved during Convergence, due to shipping damage to the loom, so if you click the image you will see some vertical lines that don't look quite right. But overall, I'm happy with the effect I got.

If (when?) I have a jacquard loom of my own, this photo would be the starting point of a lot of experimentation. For any given image, there are literally millions of ways to manipulate the image, and thousands of different weave structures that would each create a different effect in the woven cloth.


Peg in South Carolina said...

What a wonderful experience! But I must confess I think the scarves you weave are much more beautiful and interesting than the jacquard piece...... But I am sure that if/when (grin!) you get a jacquard loom you will learn that jacquard weaving and photography are two different arts with their own rules, limitations, and possibilities and will start creating pieces that are just as beautiful as those you currently create on your loom.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Please go to my blog to find a little "gift."

Eileen said...

I think it's great.

Of course, I'm no expert, so my opinion can't be considered to override Peg's. I guess I will have to be one of those blissfully ignorant people who say "I don't know much about (jacquard), but I know what I like!"

And I do like it, very much!

joanna said...

Sandra, do you know the book "Threads of Light"? If not, I think you would really like it. The subtitle is: "Chinese Embroidery from Suzhou and the Photography of Robert Glenn Ketchum", published by the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History as part of the Getty Grant Program.