Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here's What's Next

More water. I do love weaving water! And I think a project that combines one solid warp with one painted warp will fit nicely into the Water Series.

Here's a partial view of the draft I have in mind. The drawdown doesn't show the effect of a painted warp - it would take much more sophisticated software than I use for designing and weaving to do that. I'm sure I could improvise something in Photoshop, but it's not worth the time it would take. (This is my busy season, after all!)

The image I had in mind was a heavy rain falling at an angle on a window, then trickling down in wiggly lines that change shape as several drops converge into a larger stream. When I zoom out to get the draft to about real-life resolution, this is what it looks like:

You can click the image to display it at whatever the maximum size is that Blogger decides to show...

This will be a shorter warp than I usually do, mostly because of the extra effort in handling the warp for the painting process, and then getting it onto the loom with a minimum of fuss, tangling, and tension differences. I'm going to try for fairly long, gradual color changes, all within a very narrow range of values, and hues including teal, green, turquoise, slate blue and grey-green. The solid warp will be a royal blue in the same value range. The wefts will be similar hues, but values either lighter or darker than the warp.

I'm thinking I'll beam the solid warp on the sectional beam, and the painted warp on the plain beam. The last time I tried to get a painted warp onto the sectional, I wasn't happy with the tension, so hopefully it'll be more successful to beam the two separately.

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