Sunday, October 12, 2008

Next Up... ?

For some reason, I've been in the design doldrums for a few weeks. Fortunately, there's been a warp on the loom (the faux-seersucker series) and a large accumulated stack of scarves that needed their fringes twisted before the upcoming Fall shows. That meant I didn't need to face the doldrums head-on, but could mull ideas over at my leisure before deciding what the next warp would be.

I've been wanting to try an interleaved threading in which one of the layers is a painted warp, and one a solid color. The skeins are wound for the solid color, and tomorrow I'll start winding a warp to paint. Still haven't got a clue what the colorway will be - and that depends upon which series the warp will be part of.

Drafts, maybe, tomorrow when I've got the design more solidified...

1 comment:

Peg in South Carolina said...

Interleaving painted and solid warps sounds fascinating. Can't wait to see what happens.