Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Kitten Has a Name

We've decided on Gracie. As in, "Say goodnight, Gracie." She has a high, squeaky voice like Gracie Allen, and is a little comedienne. Plus, like everybody else in the entertainment world, she just simply thrives on attention.

Hey, she was completely in the frame when I pressed the shutter release. The delay in a digital camera is just long enough to give her ample time to scramble the composition.

She's in my lap as I type, and nudges my hands whenever I stop petting for about a millisecond. Hard to type this way...

On a fiber-related note, we're in the midst of preparations and packing up for the Contemporary Craft Market show in Santa Monica this weekend, Friday 10/31 through Sunday 11/2, at the Santa Monica Civic Center. If you're anywhere in the LA area, and have a moment to drop by booth #409, we'd love to see you. It's a good show, with a lot of terrific artists in all craft media.

So, the blog will be on hiatus for a few days.

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